Award-winning 'ArchiShorts'

John Hill
17. September 2020
Photo: Screenshot from "La Galerie Bienvenue 2"

As part of the Architecture + DesignFilm Festival Winnipeg taking place in-person and online September 16-20, the winners of the 2020 ArchiShorts competition have been announced.

All of the prize-winning films and honorable mentions — 21 in three categories — are listed at bottom and screened in the film embedded below. They're all worth watching, and with each clocking in around two minutes, it won't take long to do it.

For those interested in learning more about the films, the festival will feature a live Q&A with winners on the afternoon of Saturday, September 19; details are on the A+DFF website.

Local Winners

  • Jonathan Bailes, Slice of Life Prize for "Sunday"
  • Andria Langi, Ice-Breaker Prize for "How to Survive the Winter"
  • Connery Friesen, Kurosawa Prize for "Tamizuya Machine"
  • Kieran Peters, Bull's Eye Prize for "It's More Than Just a Building"
  • Austin Dorn, Honorable Mention for "Unoccupied Perceptions"
  • Nicole Luke, Honorable Mention for "Crossing Paths"
  • Darian McKinney, Honorable Mention for "The Amorphic City"

Canadian Films

  • Daeun Diane Lee, Manifesto Prize for "Futuristic Architecture"
  • Jorge Rivera-Gutiérrez, Charlie Chaplin Prize for "Hungry"
  • Etienne Morneau, Concrete Poetry Prize for "Interchange"
  • Inioluwa Adedapo, Honorable Mention for "Is Sustainability Sustainable?"
  • Evan Dodds, Honorable Mention for "Beauty Marks"
  • Peter Myung Jin Kwak, Honorable Mention for "Home"

Global Films

  • Martin Skarbäck, Propinquity Prize for "A Second Glance"
  • Gabriel Chareton, Zamyatin Prize for "La Galerie Bienvenue 2"
  • Gail Seres-Woolfson, Phantasia Prize for "Pink City"
  • Jim Stephenson and LionHeart, Skiagraphia Prize for "Absence of Light"
  • Fidel Verdin and True Skool, Honorable Mention for "Designed Awareness"
  • Jean-Michael Rolland, Honorable Mention for "La Roue"
  • Centre for Documentary Architecture, Anna Luise Schubert and Ines Weizman, Honorable Mention for "Bauhaus Beeline"

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