Es war einmal … I Neubau Neues Kurhaus, Bad Alexandersbad


Planning and building always requires a comprehensive communication process. The way people and things are investigated makes this process a "culture". Therefore exists no ideal method. Each task requires and develops new communication networks and media. Again and again, we have to exceed our limits. We seek direct interaction with the location and our clients, trust in continuos dialog. Planning means a promise to us, that must be kept. Design idea and built reality are inextricably linked.

Our team: Tanja Baumeister, Julia Berenz, Simon Bopp, Katharina Böpple, Ursula Braunschläger, Martin Csakli, Janina Diemer, Stefan Dostler, Elke Endres, Christoph Feinweber, Anton Frank, Elisabeth-Anna Freundorfer, Antonia Gentner, Stephan Gräbner, Thomas Hack, Ingrid Hartner, Theresa Haubner, Nadine Hawel, Johannes Hecht, Alexandra Heger, Kristin Heurich-Lösch, Günter Horn, Stefan Jakob, Michael Kaufmann, Lucie Kokaislová, Clemens Koller, Christine Kreger, Martina Kropf, Kristina Kulicke, Falk Leopold, Sarah Liebhart, Tobias Lippert, Tonia Ludwig, Andrej Maximow, Evelin Melzer, Lukas Neuner, Ramona Ohla, Fabian Reuter, Annabell Ritschel, Norbert Ritzer, Marco Roos, Stephanie Sauer, Ute Schaller, Regina Schinabeck, Christoph Schmitt, Britta Schneider, Reinhard Schoefl, Elina Schwarz, Marion Stöckl, Martin Szymanski, Ana Valenzuela Romero, Katrin Weber, Barbara Weniger, Johannes Werner, Torsten Will, Florian Winterstein

Competence: Living Spaces

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Tirschenreuth, Germany