Sonnenberg School Complex

Thalwil, Switzerland

As architects we bear responsibility for continuing the history of our architectural culture and for helping to shape the built environment in which we live. We are a classic architecture practice that aims to build and as such combine expertise in areas ranging from urban planning studies to architecture competitions, planning services of all kinds and to constructing the building. We link these specialist areas and place our knowledge at the service of the building and the spaces for life that it offers.

In our design work we never start from preconceived ideas, instead we collaborate with developers to identify the unique character of every commission and to anchor it in a broad physical, sociocultural, and ecological context. We are motivated by our aim to create buildings and places with a lasting value that enhance their immediate urban surroundings in spatial, design or social terms. In each of our projects we commit ourselves to producing sustainable design at the highest level – through simplicity, reusability, permanence, adaptability, and technical innovation we must work proactively at improving the building’s ecological impact and the way in which it uses resources.

We believe in and support the architecture competition as it is a guarantor of architectural culture and stimulates our own reflectiveness and creativity. While we see ourselves as our clients’ trustees, we also have an obligation to the users of our buildings and to the public. Given this wide-ranging responsibility we believe that design means constantly searching and negotiating; this is a meandering, iterative process and we appreciate the willingness of our clients and partners to embark on this insightful journey together with us.

We are proud of the fact that over a period of almost one hundred years our office has been bringing together around fifty staff members from quite diverse backgrounds. We believe it is important to cultivate an inclusive, open, and transparent atmosphere in our studio that allows our process-based design strategy to produce robust solutions and an architecture that is equally open and inclusive.

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