Photo © HG Esch
Photo © HG Esch
Photo © HG Esch
Photo © HG Esch
Photo © HG Esch
Photo © HG Esch
Picture © HENN
Picture © HENN
Picture © HENN
Picture © HENN

EULE Knowledge Workshop

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Schwäbisch Gmünd , Germany
Landesgartenschau 2014
Henn, München, Berlin
2012 1st prize

Part of the 2014 State Garden Festival in Schwäbisch Gmünd will consist of the “Gmünder EULE Know- ledge Workshop”, which is to become an integral part of the adjacent Youth Park. The purpose of the research and recreational facility is to introduce and interest young people in the subject in technology and possible futures in the field. The new building forms a spatially and formally independent sculpture between the two existing buildings of the former goods rail station. It includes a central workshop and adjacent functions such as laboratories, workrooms and a café.

Inspired by stacked, industrial containers, the exterior appearance conveys the substantive use of the building. This is contrasted by the spacious interiors created through skylights and encircling galleries, which in combination with the large windows, offer a sizeable and versatile working environment. Constructed as a wooden structure, the building sits on a recently built basement storey platform. This foundation will be used as an exhibition hall as well as the technical and sanitary facilities of the building. The vast roof scape which spans over multiple levels provides the visitor with views of different direction and elevation over the State Garden Festival and Schwäbisch Gmünd.

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