Visualization © HENN
Visualization © HENN
Drawing © HENN
Drawing © HENN
Photo © HENN
Photo © HENN
Drawing © HENN

Masterplan Inselspital Bern

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Freiburgstrasse, 3010 Bern, Switzerland
Universitätsspital Bern
Area GFA
600 000 m²
2010, 1st prize
Cooperation Partners
Rapp Infra, LemonConsult, Teamplan

As the requirements for the proposed development of the Inselspital site – 600,000 sqm of floor space by 2060 – can only be defined loosely at this stage, flexible and open arrangements are paramount in terms of urban design and the scale of the buildings themselves. The masterplan represents an agreed means of strategic spatial control that will guide all the construction projects on the site.

The urban design commences with the existing surrounding development structure and increases the density of the development towards the center of the site, where the building volumes accentuate the present topography. At the macro-level, the masterplan creates a clearly structured and well laid out urban design principles which avoid predefining site usage at the micro-level and hence leave all options open for future requirements.

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