BottomUp, Venice

Landscape Architects
1-5 Stories

BottomUp consists of three components forming a socially and ecologically sustainable structure: red for human activity, green for urban greenery
and blue for water treatment.
The red colour is representing the Community workshop. A a democratic space, open to everyone with lively meeting spots and work-shop places
for people of all ages. A Portico turned upside down creates an permeable facade to the surrounding square.
The green colour is represented by the Grove. It is a tree-planted garden where you can retreat for a moment’s rest in peace and quiet. There is a
view-point, cooling shade, seating furniture and information on multi-productive urban forest gardens and agroforestry.
The blue colour consists of the Weather-sail that provides the Community workshop with power from solar energy and the Grove with fresh water.
Water is gathered in the cistern and stored for irrigation.

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