House Radauer

Salzburg, Austria
Photo © Julian Höck
Photo © Julian Höck
Photo © Julian Höck
Photo © Julian Höck
Photo © Julian Höck
Photo © Julian Höck
Lechner & Lechner Architects
Salzburg, Austria
ARGE Lechner Lechner Schallhammer
Architekt Johannes Schallhammer, Christine Lechner , Horst Josef Lechner

In "Haus Radauer", which was planned by the architects ARGE Lechner Lechner Schallhammer, an innovative senior citizens' home with 39 residential units was created in the middle of an urban environment characterized by universities, avenues and the Eschenbach. The combination of urban and natural influences was created in a natural way, with the existing linden tree serving as the design focus of the facility. Each of the 39 apartments, consisting of 15 two-room and 24 one-room apartments, is barrier-free, wheelchair-accessible and suitable for nursing care. Generous interior and exterior spaces, dynamic corridors with alcoves, a fireplace room with a terrace and sun-drenched apartments are evidence of a high-quality social housing building with a high-quality outer skin. The house was built in passive construction and is optimized both ecologically and in terms of operating costs.

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