Village House

Copenhagen, Denmark
Photo © Åke E. Son Lindman
Photo © Åke E. Son Lindman
Photo © Åke E. Son Lindman
Powerhouse Company
Copenhagen, Denmark
1-5 Stories

Village House is a summer house for a young family living in Copenhagen for whom a summer house is a unique possibility to enjoy a garden and the proximity of nature every weekend at an affordable price. The house is set on a typical summer house site in Denmark in northern Zealand. While most summer houses are getting bigger and bigger and more resemble single family houses than summer cabins, the Village House seeks to distribute its area in a series of smaller volumes reviving the scale of the classical cabin. Its plan spreads over the site like a hand, generating a diversity of views, sun exposures, and outdoor spaces, allowing one to enjoy the house all year round. Each window and roof opening is precisely placed to provide the different rooms with direct sunlight at chosen hours of the day and during each season. For example, a large window over the living room casts a ray of sunlight on the dining table around noon.

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