Yohji Yamamoto flagship store

Antwerpen, Belgium
Photo © Elisabeth Broekaert
Photo © Filippo Bamberghi
Photo © Kristien Daem
Photo © Kristien Daem
Photo © Elisabeth Broekaert
Photo © Elisabeth Broekaert
Wim Goes Architectuur

When people start trying on the clothes, is when clothing starts its life. History is only meaningful in such a community interflowing clothing and people" - Yohji Yamamoto That's what I wanted to do: to create a space with human presence providing movement and time. An open door invites in the light and sounds. The sounds of the city follow you into the shop, gradually dispersing as a gradient of selfawareness absorbs you the deeper you wander. Before you realise, you are alone to the sound of your footsteps. The city has left, now it's just you and the clothes. I provide the light, the clothes provide shadow. Between the noisy city and the silence, between the sky and the floor, between you and Yamamoto's clothes. When I look at the shop, I can't see design, only the clothes of Yohji Yamamoto.

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