Full moon

Olot, Spain
Photo © José Hevia
Photo © Roger Serrat-Calvó
Photo © Roger Serrat-Calvó
Photo © José Hevia
Photo © José Hevia
Photo © Roger Serrat-Calvó
Photo © Roger Serrat-Calvó
Photo © Roger Serrat-Calvó
Photo © Roger Serrat-Calvó
17800 Olot, Spain
0 - 100K
1-5 Stories
Jordi Moret, Dídac Franco, Jordi Collell
Dani Sánchez
Diseño estructural
Miquel Capdevila
Construccions Sala Les Preses, Tallers Casoal, S.L.

The Sun
An outdoor room expands the domestic activity of a dark house which is built into the northern face of a volcano. The new carved room has a rectangular floor of the same size as the living room, and will be gradually covered by a grapevine. As any other room it has doors and windows. The main window opens up to a semi-circular courtyard with a pond; it is an opening to the sky, the sun and the moon; it is a courtyard’s courtyard. This layout expands the space between the house and the mountain, increasing by threefold the number of hours of sunlight in the main rooms.

The Moon
An spherical lamp revolves over the outdoor room. Inside the semi-circular window it tenses the limit between both spaces and allows the semi-circular courtyard to become a large reflector lamp. At the halfway point, in the center of the room, it accompanies the activity around the table. Placed against the wall, the projecting semi-sphere offers a general lighting and highlights the texture of the plastered walls, typical of the houses in the neighborhood.

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