Smart Living Lab

Freiburg, Switzerland
Photo © Marilyn Andersen
Photo © Delphine Blauer
© Team HOP
ZPF Ingenieure AG
1-5 Stories
Smart Living Lab
Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart, Germany
Building physics, sustainability, energy efficiency
Drees & Sommer Schweiz AG, Basel, Switzerland

Our design for the new, iconic building of the research center located in the blueFACTORY innovation district in Fribourg on the site of the former Cardinal brewery impressed with its open, flexible, integrative and user-oriented character as well as with its the economic and resource savings. The panel of experts perceived that the winning team is characterized by its collective intelligence, receptivity, and enthusiasm, with architects and engineers working closely together.

The building will provide workspaces for close to 130 people over a 5000m2 floor area, on four stories. Its main structure is made of timber. Wood is also used for a system of box slabs which integrates ventilation, and for the façade. The latter combines various species of wood according to their properties
and their origin, paying particular attention to local timber.

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