Net Zero Neighborhoods for NYC

Please join the AIANY Planning and Urban Design Committee, the AIANY Committee on the Environment (COTE), and the Consulate General of Switzerland in New York for a discussion about the challenges and opportunities of Net-Zero carbon neighborhoods. 

Conclusive strategies have emerged from interdisciplinary approaches to sustainable development challenges and opportunities across urban sectors. Through a comparative framework of global best practices, this discussion will give context to these integrated strategies, highlighting applied research solutions that may be universal, or in some cases place-specific, while envisioning outcomes and identifying pathways to a proto-typical Net-Zero carbon district in a 2050 New York City. 

While supporting existing local and global policy benchmarks and aligning with globally accepted emissions inventory frameworks, Net Zero Neighborhoods provides a platform for innovative thought leadership, knowledge sharing and advocacy towards progressive solutions for achieving a sustainable city. The discussion will identify the need to bridge the broad scope of city-scale sustainability frameworks and the more narrow-scale of building-specific metrics with a set of integrated built environment connections that translate through low carbon planning tools and methods for the dense urban district. Implications for both policy and practice across disciplines, as well as the potential of these best practices to impact and enhance the quality of everyday urban life in the future, will be considered.

10 de diciembre, 2019, 18:30
The Green Building
452 Union Street
11231 Brooklyn, USA
AIANY/Consulate General of Switzerland in New York