A Busy Brooklyn Bridge Park

John Hill
27. 十月 2021
Photo: Screenshot

A new short film from Spirit of Space captures people relaxing and playing in Brooklyn Bridge Park, the post-industrial waterfront park designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates that recently won the 2021 Rosa Barba International Landscape Prize.

Featuring footage of people enjoying all parts of the one-mile-plus park — from the playgrounds and ball fields to the bike paths and secluded seating areas — the video captures why Brooklyn Bridge Park has been heralded so much. Built on the remains of shipping piers along the East River, the landscape design, much of it so subtle as to be invisible, elevates the needs and wants of people today.  As expressed by people in the film, the park seems to be appreciated most for the way it provides access to the formerly closed-off waterfront, be it through promenades along its edges or even literally in a kayak.